Michel Brosseau, President

La Coop Fédérée

Mr. Michel Brosseau earned his Bachelor degree in agronomy from Laval University, followed by a Master in Business Administration from Sherbrooke University.

Since 1979, he has occupied different positions in La Coop fédérée. He started as a regional representative with La Coop fédérée and was quickly promoted as General Manager of two large regional agriculture cooperatives. Later, he managed the Feed and Animal Production Division of La Coop fédérée, supporting the cooperative network for sixteen years.  Mr. Brosseau is currently a special advisor to the senior management of La Coop fédérée. He is a member of multiple joint venture Boards where La Coop federee is co-owner, implicated in acquisitions, or from corporative mandates.

Research is the main key to producing innovative products for our farmers, and CRF is a world leader since 1954. Through the years, CRF has conducted a lot of well-known and valued research, and register patents.

Paul Kalmbach, Vice President

Kalmbach Feeds, Inc.

Mr. Paul M. Kalmbach is the current President of Kalmbach Feeds, Inc. Mr. Kalmbach is a proud Ohio State University Alum in which he received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S) and his Master of Science in Agriculture (M.S).

His thirty-five years in the industry has taught him much about the industry and how it relates to CRF. Mr. Kalmbach feels that the future success in the business of producing high quality meat, milk, and eggs will require real solutions, properly researched and delivered to farmers.  CRF is the best model to efficiently deliver these scientific and practical solutions that will be required by our customers.


David Ott, Secretary and General Manager

Cooperative Research Farms, Inc.

Mr. David Ott has served as the CRF General Manager and Secretary since 1999.  Prior to that time he was employed by a CRF member as the Manager Swine Feed Sales & Marketing, and as a Technical Services Specialist.  Dave grew up on a swine operation in Illinois and graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture in 1985 and a Masters of Science in Animal Sciences (Swine Nutrition and Management) in 1986.


Shelley Revering, Treasurer

Federated Co-operatives Limited

Mrs. Shelley Revering is the current Feed Director at Federated Co-operatives Limited in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Shelley has earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Masters of Science in Ruminant Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan.  In her twenty years in the industry specializing in Sales, Marketing, and Ruminant (Dairy) Nutrition, Shelley can confidently state that Co-op Feeds adds to the product and service offerings of the western Canadian agriculture sector by working with the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS), a network of more than 200 independent retail co-operatives.

The agriculture industry as a whole has experienced a great deal of consolidation and the feed sector is no exception. This is a highly competitive marketplace, which is why our partnership with Cooperative Research Farms (CRF) is so important. Innovation and proven results are key to the development of safe value-added feed products. For more than fifty years, Co-op Feeds has supported the leading-edge research of the CRF, which has helped us meet the needs of producers and the CRS for high-quality, effective animal nutrition products. Through further collaboration, we can continue to evolve and deliver products and services that will see the CRS — and the entire agriculture industry — grow into the future.





Todd Steen

Tennessee Farmers Cooperatives

Mr. Todd Steen is currently a Ruminant Nutritionist with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, specializing in dairy nutrition since 1990.  Todd also provides technical service support for all animals.  He received Bachelor of Science from Abilene Christian University and Masters of Science from the University of Tennessee.  Mr. Steen has nine 9 peer-reviewed publications including six CRF research reports.  He has also been member of the CRF organization since 1990 and has chaired CRF’s dairy, beef, specialty & research committees.

CRF has great value to TFC, as we have implemented many feed products and developed ration principles based on CRF’s research.