Neovia, based in Vannes, France was established on 1st January 2010 through the merger between the Animal Nutrition and Health division of InVivo and the Evialis group. The Group ranks among the world leaders in the feed industry with presence in 28 countries with revenues of €1.5 billion, 6,830 employees, 72 feed & premix production units, and 13 applied research stations.  InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health works in five main activities: complete feed, firm-services and premixes, animal health, additives, and analysis laboratories.  All InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health business lines benefit from the cross-functional services of the R&D department. InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health is a pioneer in animal feed and health with over 60 years’ expertise; with a long-standing presence in France (via the Inzo° group), a benchmark market with advanced know-how and high standards. This has been accompanied by a dynamic international growth policy. The company boasts significant presence around the world, in countries that have already become key growth sources.  For 28 years divisions of InVivo NSA have participated in CRF, joining in 1989.


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