CRF is an international cooperative that engages in livestock, poultry and companion animal nutrition research while utilizing member resources to provide information and the market driven researchable concepts. The resulting research can be used by its members to develop or apply to unique and/or proprietary products, programs and technologies for the commercial and companion animal feed markets. This is accomplished through market driven research, information exchange and partnerships that result in economic benefits for the CRF members and their customers as well as a competitive advantage over their competition.


CRF’s vision is to be the premier research provider to our members; by doing research that is consistent with our mission statement


CRF will plan and conduct market driven research that has the highest probability of providing a financial return to members.

CRF research will be conducted using scientifically valid standards.

CRF will be respectful of all current animal care guidelines, and request that all research providers follow these guidelines. CRF research will be conducted that meets the Long Range Plans developed for each species of research.

CRF research will be planned, managed and communicated in a cost-effective way.

CRF will provide an equitable funding mechanism and governing structure as determined by the Board of Directors.

CRF will be a highly valued source of technical information for members.

CRF will project an image of research leadership within our industry.

CRF will excel in the spirit of cooperation.

CRF will operate with the highest standards and integrity when dealing with our members & their employees, research providers, and research partners.

CRF will foster an environment that allows creativity and open discussions of innovative concepts for research; and that when completed and incorporated by the members it will enhance their position in the animal agriculture industry.