Dairy Research

  • CRF Dairy Research Farm 1960's - Ellington, Connecticut
    CRF Dairy Research Farm 1960's - Ellington, Connecticut
  • CRF Lactation Research - Individaul Intake Trials
    CRF Lactation Research - Individaul Intake Trials
  • CRF Lactation Research - Pen Trials
    CRF Lactation Research - Pen Trials
  • Spruce Haven Farm & Research Center
    Spruce Haven Farm & Research Center

The mission of CRF’s proprietary dairy research program is to develop and/or refine nutritional concepts and applications that increase the net value of our members’ feeding programs to the commercial dairy producers.   Our dairy research is conducted under the highest scientific and ethical standards, so that the CRF members and their customers can be confident in applying CRF nutritional concepts. This has resulted in CRF members applying CRF’s research to more than 700,000 metric tons of dairy feed annually!

CRF’s dairy research program was initiated in 1962, and has involved research in all stages of production – calves, growing heifers, transition, lactation – resulting in 690 proprietary research trials.   CRF utilizes a large number of highly productive, intensely managed cows for research purposes, as those are the animals presenting producers with the greatest nutritional and management challenges; and allows CRF to accurately reflect commercial feeding and management challenges/scenarios.

CRF dairy research has been a productive and proprietary program for our member owners for many years.  CRF holds ten patents and six trademarks as a result of our innovative discoveries.  In 1976, CRF embarked on its first patent application in dairy nutrition, the Regulated Protein Solubility concept, which was the newest and most dramatic development in dairy nutrition of its time.  As a result, it provided the impetus for new CRF dairy concepts and CRF patents that prevailed through this decade and the next. Such concepts as formulating rations based on the Rumen Available Protein® (RAP®) and Rumen Available Carbohydrates® (RAC®) have been used by dairy producers throughout parts the U.S., Canada, and Europe to increase milk production and profitability for years. The patented RAC concept was further refined with the development of the RAC+® concept.  CRF also developed the unique feeding program Totalac® which has allowed dairy producers to reduce their land and labor requirements or increase the herd size while improving milk production.  In addition, CRF dairy research has….

  • Developed a specific fatty acid blend to enhance reproduction….more pregnancies earlier in lactation.
  • Researched “Rumen Modifiers” to improve digestibility in lactating cows.
  • Successfully found alternatives to antibiotics in milk replacers and calf starters.
  • Evaluated the impact of pelleting and temperatures on lactation performance.

Large trials are utilized so that CRF can ensure that the research results can be interpreted accurately and used with confidence in commercial dairy herds. CRF’s dairy research program has developed several research strategies that are our current emphasis:

  • Improved cow health throughout the dry and lactating periods thereby elevating production and enhancing production efficiencies.
  • Develop proprietary ingredients which enhance milk production efficiency and /or milk composition.
  • Improve reproductive efficiency and the conception rate at 125 days in milk via meeting the cows’ nutritional demands.
  • Create all-natural economical neonatal calf programs that promote improved health across the transition period leading to increased growth and ultimately greater efficiency in lactation.
    • For example, CRF has evaluated tactics to reduce and or eliminate microbial disruptions across transition.
  • Products to improve the growth rates & efficiencies of calves, while reducing morbidity and mortality.
  • Study nutrient based approaches commonly used in ration balancing software to generate novel research ideas.
  • Continuous evaluation of CRF’s unique concepts RAP®, RAC®, and RAC+®.
  • Development of nutritional programs for the transition cow that will lead to higher levels of production post-partum.
  • Refinement and expansion of the proprietary Totalac®