Sollio Agriculture, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, was recognized for their 55th year of membership in Cooperative Research Farms (CRF) during the CRF Board of Directors October 2021 meeting.

“For the past fifty-five years Sollio Agriculture has not only been an active participant and member of CRF they have also been an outstanding research partner, with research farms under Sollio Agriculture’s ownership and management utilized by CRF for broiler, layer and sow research”, noted David Ott, CRF General Manager. “Sollio Agriculture’s livestock, poultry and equine nutritionist and research leaders have collaborated on CRF’s multiple innovations; as well as also served in key leadership roles throughout the history of the CRF organization”.

As a member of CRF, Sollio Agriculture participates in determining the research direction, designing specific trials to achieve our collective objectives, and can network with industry experts in nutrition and feed production.  Sollio Agriculture has access to 3,257 of CRF’s proprietary research trials.

“Innovations has always been a cornerstone of Sollio Agriculture’s development. This innovation is rooted in our close relationship with the farmers that we serve, because their needs are the first step in our innovation process,” stated David Arseneau, General Manager, Livestock Production for Sollio Agriculture. “Being able to leverage the shared know-how and collaborative research from our CRF partnership is key to develop innovative concepts and products that address the challenges our members and customers face every day. We also see a great value in sharing our research with our CRF partners, who in turn take it further and accelerate the innovation process. There’s no doubt that Canadian farming families have benefited from these 55 years of collaborative research that brought them multiple solutions to better their performances and increase their prosperity,” he added.

For 67 years, CRF members have worked together conducting thousands of nutrition and management related research trials for the benefit of their customers.  In addition to Sollio Agriculture, the other members of CRF include Federated Co-operatives, Ltd., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Kalmbach Feeds, Inc., Upper Sandusky, Ohio; MiXscience, Bruz, France; and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, LaVergne, Tennessee.  The combined scope of the CRF membership represents 13 million metric tons of final feed equivalents, 45-member owned feed mills manufacturing feeds of the highest quality, 1,615 employees working to provide superior animal nutrition products and 93 highly skilled individuals employed in research, development and technical support.  CRF members conduct business in 48 countries.

For more information regarding CRF contact David Ott, General Manager, Cooperative Research Farms at (804)-897-8612 or visit the CRF website at

About Sollio Agriculture

Sollio Agriculture, the Agri-business Division of Sollio Cooperative Group, is a Canadian leader in the agriculture industry. It specializes in the merchandising of farm inputs and value-added agronomic services and benefits from a synergy between three sectors: Livestock Production, Crop Production and Grain. Present in almost every part of Canada, it has more than 1,200 employees and made $2.761 billion in sales in 2020, in Canada and abroad. For more information about Sollio Agriculture, visit