Founded in 1954, the unique partnership called Cooperative Research Farms is comprised of prominent feed manufacturers serving livestock & poultry producers and equine owners. Each member of CRF contributes the resources necessary to be the Leaders in Advanced Nutrition….which are the groundbreaking concepts for animal nutrition research, the human resources, and the long-term financial commitment.  Animal agriculture continues to evolve at a rapid pace; and CRF’s scientists and our members’ nutritionists have led the way in the continuing search for more efficient ways to produce meat, milk and eggs.

The combined feed and ingredient sales of CRF members represent billions of dollars and millions of tons. Thus, the scale of the CRF partnership allows the members to share in the direction of a multimillion dollar annual research budget and to transfer the latest in nutrition technology to animal agriculture.  All at a cost unmatched in the worldwide feed industry. CRF operates on basic cooperative principles; and demonstrates how feed manufacturers effectively can work together to provide economies of scale and synergism in innovative thinking. The sharing of research talent has reduced research costs, improved quality of research and provided a means for exploring new areas of investigation.  The concept of the CRF organization allows the members to produce products for livestock and poultry producers that allow them to prosper while providing the consuming public with low cost, abundant and wholesome food.

  • CRF Beef Nutrition Research
    CRF Beef Nutrition Research
  • CRF Dairy Nutrition Research
    CRF Dairy Nutrition Research
  • CRF Poulty Nutrition Research
    CRF Poulty Nutrition Research
  • CRF Layer Nutrition Research
    CRF Layer Nutrition Research
  • CRF Broiler Nutrition Research
    CRF Broiler Nutrition Research

The members, and essentially the owners, of Cooperative Research Farms are leading feed companies & cooperatives that develop, manufacture and distribute quality animal nutrition products across a vast territory. Despite the extensive geography covered by these members they do have several common objectives, one of which is to be the Leaders in Advanced Nutrition.

CRF is an effective partnership for the improvement of animal agriculture, with 70 years of history in innovations, resulting from over 3,285 large scale research trials. Research is a commitment, and our members possess that commitment as shown by their combined years of participation. Each member of CRF contributes people, funding, and most importantly the original research concepts to the operations of this large, cost-effective organization. The combined scope of the CRF members represents:

  • Over 2,080,000 metric tons of actual manufactured feeds
  • More than 13,000,000 metric tons of final feed equivalents, or as we say “fed on the farm”
  • 45 member owned feed mills manufacturing feeds of the highest quality
  • 1,615 employees working to provide superior animal nutrition products
  • 93 highly skilled individuals employed in Research & Development /  Technical Support
  • Conducting business in 48 countries

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