Cooperative Research Farms Press Release

Richmond, Virginia – The Cooperative Research Farms’ Research Committee has appointed Alexandre Lebel, Poultry Nutritionist with Sollio Agriculture, as Coordinator for the Poultry Research Team.  CRF’s Research Teams are self-contained groups responsible for planning, conducting, and communicating research which has the highest probability of providing financial returns to CRF members; and as Coordinator, Alexandre will lead the Poultry Research Team’ starting July 1, 2024. 

Alexandre obtained his master’s degree in animal nutrition in 2011. He started his career with Alltech, as a sales representative. In 2011, he went to work for Agri-Marché, as a monogastric nutritionist. In 2015, Alexandre became a Poultry Nutritionist for La Coop fédérée (now known as Sollio Agriculture) and oversees all poultry nutrition for the territory of Quebec. He is also responsible for technical support and developing new products for the sales team. Alex has been an active member of the CRF Poultry Research Team since 2015 and had previously served as the PRT Coordinator from 2017-2019.

CRF is a multi-national organization of feed manufacturers in North America and Europe. For sixty-nine years, CRF members have worked together conducting 3,285 nutrition and management related research trials for the benefit of their customers.  The members of CRF include Kalmbach Feeds, Inc., Upper Sandusky, Ohio; MiXscience, Bruz, France; Sollio Agriculture, Montreal, Quebec, and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, LaVergne, Tennessee. The combined scope of the CRF membership represents 12.3 million metric tons of final feed equivalents, 42-member owned feed mills manufacturing feeds of the highest quality, 1,564 employees working to provide superior animal nutrition products and 91 highly skilled individuals employed in research, development, and technical support.

For more information regarding CRF contact David Ott, General Manager, Cooperative Research Farms at (804)-897-8612 or visit the CRF website at