Cooperative Research Farms Press Release

Richmond, Virginia – Dr. Anthony Quant, Senior Poultry Nutritionist with Kalmbach Feeds, has been elected Chair of Cooperative Research Farm’s Research Committee. CRF’s Research Committee’s is responsible for establishing priorities, for actively seeking and recommending new research areas for CRF, for ensuring that Research Teams are planning, conducting and communicating research which reflects the stated needs of the members, and for ensuring that Research Teams have adequate technical marketing and administrative resources to fulfill their mandate, and analyzing the results of all research projects and programs that are carried on by or on behalf of CRF.

Dr. Quant has been an active participant in CRF since joining Kalmbach Feeds in 2012 and is a member of the CRF Poultry Research Team and a past Coordinator of the PRT.  He received both his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. His master’s research was in swine nutrition and evaluated tryptophan to lysine ratios in growing pigs. He also had the opportunity to conduct some additional research that evaluated the effects of antibiotic supplementation on phosphorus digestibility in finishing pigs. After completing his M.S. degree, he moved over to the poultry group at Kentucky.  Anthony’s Ph.D. research evaluated the effects of selenium and vitamin E supplementation in the diets of broiler breeder hens on the maternal transfer of selenium and vitamin E to the progeny. They further evaluated selenium and vitamin E supplementation in the broiler diets and the effects on performance and meat quality of the subsequent breast fillets (raw and marinated breast fillets). He also had the opportunity to conduct research evaluating DDGS and enzyme supplementation in layer diets (brown and white layer strains) and the effects on production performance and egg quality.

Dr. Stephane Frouel, Innovation Leader, Innovative Feed Solution & Aquaculture R&D Manager at MiXscience, was elected Vice Chair of the Research Committee. Dr. Frouel has more than 25 years of experience in the Agroindustry, and with feed additives.  He has worked closely with collaborators and customers worldwide; and gained a strong understanding of the marketplace and how to manage complex projects within the feed industry.

Stephane’s background is mainly in Aquaculture and Microbiology, but for the past 15 years he has gained additional experience in global animal sciences. Dr. Frouel’s PhD in Physiology and Biology of the Populations and Organisms focused on probiotics in aquatic species. His experiences were then extended to the feed additives market (enzymes, phytogenics, etc.) for all species from 2006 to today as the Research and Development Project Manager for Feed Additives & Aquaculture with MiXscience and Dupont Industrial Biosciences. Today, as an Innovation Leader for MiXscience, Dr. Frouel contributes to the strategic development of the company while working in conjunction with the marketing, commercial, regulatory and industry departments. His mission is to align the Research and Innovation Department’s projects with their business and to manage project life (KPIs, risks, changes, roadmap, resources allocations, etc.).

CRF is a multi-national organization of feed manufacturers in North America and Europe. For sixty-nine years, CRF members have worked together conducting 3,285 nutrition and management related research trials for the benefit of their customers.  The members of CRF include Kalmbach Feeds, Inc., Upper Sandusky, Ohio; MiXscience, Bruz, France; Sollio Agriculture, Montreal, Quebec, and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, LaVergne, Tennessee. The combined scope of the CRF membership represents 12.3 million metric tons of final feed equivalents, 42-member owned feed mills manufacturing feeds of the highest quality, 1,564 employees working to provide superior animal nutrition products and 91 highly skilled individuals employed in research, development, and technical support. For more information regarding CRF contact David Ott, General Manager, Cooperative Research Farms at (804)-897-8612 or visit the CRF website at