• MiXscience Research Center
    MiXscience Research Center
  • MiXscience Research Center - Poultry
    MiXscience Research Center - Poultry
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    MiXscience Headquarters
  • MiXscience Research Center - Dairy
    MiXscience Research Center - Dairy
A virtual visit of our dairy cow research farm

MiXscience is an innovative expertise company in nutrition and animal production, supporting its customers: feed manufacturers, base-mixers, integrators, distributors and stakeholders in animal production sectors (dairy, animal feedlots, breeders, hatcheries, slaughterhouses, processors, etc.). MiXscience produces a range of innovative premixes, base-mixes, special feeds, nutritional specialties, Innovative Feed Solutions and piglet feeds; while also offering expert advice and service: nutritional expertise, industrial expertise and value chain and breeding expertise.

With 330 employees, MiXscience markets 98,500 metric tons of micro-premix, base-mixes and specialty feeds that will go into 8.8 million metric tons of final feed equivalents. MiXscience has facilities in France, Poland, Brazil, Turkey, and the Ivory Coast; and has business operations in 46 countries.

The MiXscience Research Center’s applied research work extends from plants to animals, and has both an overall and pragmatic approach to the challenges linked to agriculture and nutrition. Its projects cover a number of topics and are focused on five major research programs:

  1. Performances & Nutrition
  2. Nutritional Solutions & Additives
  3. Responsible Production
  4. Knowledge of Raw Materials
  5. Products Quality

This research center will manage 300 trials per year with 1,600 diets tested.  The center has a team of 55 with 35 individuals specifically involved in research.  Animal numbers include: 140 dairy cows, 120 young bovines, 220 sows, 6,000 meat poultry, 1,200 laying poultry and 160 does.  MiXscience’s research is also based on a group of about thirty breeding farms that conduct in-field tests, thus confirming the results obtained by their laboratories.

MiXscience is a subsidiary of the Avril Group, the leading industrial and financial player of the French vegetable oil and protein industry. With 89 industrial sites in France and abroad, AVRIL employees 7,600 people in 2019.  In 2016, the Avril Group achieved a turnover of € 5,9 billion.

MiXscience joined CRF in 2021

phone: 011 33 2 23 46 90 00
website: www.mixscience.eu